Dehkhoda Persian Language International Festival

Dehkhoda Persian Language International Festival


Dehkhoda International Persian Language Festival is a university event at Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute and the International Center for Persian Studies- the University of Tehran, which is held once a year in the form of a competition with the cooperation of universities and international cooperation centers with the following objectives:

  • Preserving and strengthening the Persian language as an immanent cultural heritage.

  • Spreading Persian language and helping to teach it more among non-Persian speakers.

  • Maintaining continuous interaction with our previous Persian learners.

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Dehkhoda Persian Language Festival Area

  • Content : Limited to issues related to Persian language teaching and items that help achieve the goals of the festival.

  • Geographical : All Persian language learners around the world! Receiving works virtually and holding the festival is in a way that everyone around the world can participate.

  • Level of language learners: All Persian language learners with different levels from Elementary to advanced, can participate in this festival and there is no restrictions in this regard.

Structure of Dehkhoda Persian Language Festival

  • Policy-Making Council to determine macro policies, formulate and approve bylaws and procedures, determine the scope of activities and annual program, determine the award and recommend the jury members.

  • Scientific Council to cooperate in designing and determining the festival questions, selection criteria, judging works and determining evaluation results.

  • Executive Council with the mission of executive planning and carrying out all matters related to the festival.

Sections of the Dehkhoda Persian Language Festival in year 2022

Dehkhoda Persian Language Festival in year 2022 consists of the following three sections that applicants can participate in one, two or all three sections:

  • Literary section (Reading): includes reading from a literary work in Persian (poem or prose) and sending its video file. You can either read from the literary writing or cite it by heart. If, after reading the work, a description of the meaning of the work and your perception of it is given in a few sentences, this explanation will be considered as a special point in the final evaluation. This part of the festival focuses on the development of reading and speaking Persian language skills.

  • Language section (speaking): includes the expression of a memory of learning Persian or coming to Iran or explaining a special ceremony of your country in Persian, which you can record as a video and send its file. This section is designed with the focus on developing Persian speaking skills.

  • Culture and Art section: includes works such as Iranian music (playing an Iranian musical instrument or singing a Persian song), video clip (focusing on Persian language such as a clip from Iran during your Persian studies, or a description of a historical and entertainment place in your country or a food recipe from your own country in Persian, etc.), Calligraphy (Nasta'liq, Shekasteh, Tahriri, etc.), Calligraphy (Nasta'liq, Shekasteh, Tahriri, etc.), writings published by you in Persian (such as articles, newspapers, books, etc.)

How to participate and send works to Dehkhoda Persian Language Festival?

Each of the festival participants in year 2022 can participate in one, two or all three sections of the festival and submit their works.

Convert all your works into a file and send the file or its link to the festival secretariat through the form below. Note that if you are applying to submit works to more than one section (out of three sections of the festival), you are required to complete the form for each one, separately.

  • Language Section (Reading): Sending a video file of up to 10 minutes

  • Language Section (Speaking): Sending a video file of up to 10 minutes

  • Culture and Art Section: Sending a video file of up to 10 minutes (such as music, clips, etc.) or a text file (such as articles published by you in Persian in an article, newspaper, magazine, or a book, etc.)



In case you have any problems in sending your works or have any questions about the festival, you can contact us by phone number 0098-21-26852061, e-mail icps[AT] or WhatsApp number 0098-9392214380.

Judging Dehkhoda Persian Language Festival of year 2022

The works submitted to the festival will be evaluated in two steps; in the first stage, all works received by the secretariat are ranked by the judging team with criteria such as the correctness of the Persian language used and the quality and attractiveness of the works, and for each section, the selected works go to the second stage of judging, which will be finalized at the festival. On the days of the festival, the selected participants in the first stage will be contacted in person or online (by a video call) and their works will be discussed.

The winners of each section of the festival will be evaluated separately and, if approved by the jury, a prize will be considered for the winner of the whole three sections.

The finalists of the festival, in addition to receiving an award, will benefit from free online or in-person Persian language, literature or music courses at Dehkhoda Institute.

Due to the possibility of attending the festival with any language level, participants are evaluated by judges corresponding to their personal ability and talent.

Festival Prizes: The final winners of the festival, in addition to receiving the festival plaque, will benefit from free online or in-person training in language, literature, or music at the Dehkhoda Institute. If the winners of the festival are from Japan, the representative of Dehkhoda Institute in Japan will offer the winner a 50% discount for attending the classes of that representative, with the support of the institute.

Important dates of Dehkhoda Persian Language Festival in year 2022 and how it is held

The key dates of the festival are given in the table below.

The event will be a combination of webinar and seminar.




Deadline for submitting works to the festival

May 27, 2022
(Deadline extended until June 10,2022)

Preliminary judgment of the works

June 12, 2022

Dehkhoda Persian Language Festival

June 15, 2022

Members of the Scientific Council of Dehkhoda Persian Language Festival

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