Prof. Mahmoud Afshar Yazdi Hall

Prof. Mahmoud Afshar Yazdi Hall


Prof. Mahmoud Afshar Yazdi Hall


180 people

Audio system

12 lines

Visual system


Recording system

image (N/A), sound (yes)


Note: Prof. Mahmoud Afshar Yazdi Hall is rented to licensed institutions and programs to hold educational, cultural, artistic, and scientific programs, observing the dignity of the Dehkhoda Institute and the following conditions.

  1. Contact the Administrative Affairs by calling 02126852061 and submit your request.

  2. The cost of renting the hall: Please contact us.

  3. Signing a formal lease agreement with the Dehkhoda Institute is obligatory.

  4. The price is for renting the Hall only and other facilities such as personnel services, catering, filming, photography, etc. as necessary will be provided with the agreement of the parties.

  5. The Institute’s restaurant and coffee shop facilities can be used based on a prior arrangement.

  6. Parking is limited and can be used based on a prior arrangement.

  7. It is forbidden to use the name of the Dehkhoda Institute or the University of Tehran for any advertisement. Also, all advertising items must be approved by the institute.

  8. It is obligatory to provide the necessary permits to hold the programs.

  9. Observance of the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the University of Tehran is mandatory.

  10. The Hall is not rented on Saturdays to Wednesdays until 16:00.

  11. All amounts, according to the contract, must be deposited to the following non-withdrawable Dehkhoda account number and Deposit ID before the program due date.

How to Pay the Rental Cost:

use Dehkhoda account number and deposit ID.
            Note: Mentioning the deposit ID is obligatory.

ICPS account number

5225447359- Mellat Bank, University of Tehran Branch, CodeNo.:67397

Deposit ID