Dehkhoda Specialized Library

Dehkhoda Specialized Library

Allameh Ali Akbar Dehkhoda Library (Authors' Hall)

 The foundation of this library is the personal collection of Allameh Ali Akbar Dehkhoda, which according to his will has been given to the Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute. When the Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute was transferred to the National Assembly, some of the manuscripts and printed books were handed over to the Dehkhoda Lexicon Library, and the rest remained in the possession of the deceased's heir. The National Assembly also purchased several books and donated them to the library.

The books in this library are as follows:

  1. Books transferred from the library of the late Dehkhoda
  2. Books purchased by the then National Assembly
  3. Books donated by people
  4. Books that have been purchased over time as needed.

This library currently includes the following collections:

  1. Printed books: The collection of Persian and Arabic printed books of the library (until 2021-2022) are 12,600 volumes, most of which are in the field of lexicography, literature, and history.
  2. Lithography books: Up to 283 lithography books are kept in the library of the institute.
  3. Periodicals: The periodicals section of the library mainly consists of old publications in the field of literature.
  4. Codex: The collection of codices is over 356 titles, which were transferred to the Central Library of the University of Tehran for restoration and protection on 26/08/2020. The scanned file of these copies is in the possession of the library, which can be offered to the researchers in the form of a CD.

This library is one of the specialized libraries of Persian language and literature and due to this feature, it does not accept members. Students of the University of Tehran can borrow books with their student cards. Providing services to researchers in the Codex Section is possible by paying a fee.


Most of the prominent scholars and researchers of the country have donated and still donating their works to this library. The late Ali Asghar Hekmat, Ahmad Birshak, and Hassan Ahmadi Givi have donated their collections of books to this library.

Librarians from the beginning to the present

From its establishment until today, the library has had several professional and non-professional librarians, who have been involved in providing services and arranging library affairs at various times.

Farhang Nikmorad, Jalal Taghavi, Seyed Morteza Mojtabaei Soomehsarai, Rasoul Abu Alizadeh, Mirhashem Mohaddes, Zahra Rabiezadeh, Masoumeh Abdollahi (from 2001 to present) (Head of Library)

A list of all the books in this library is available in the AZARSA Comprehensive System of the Central Library-University of Tehran.

This library is always ready to preserve manuscripts and printed copies donated by Persian language lovers.

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