The restaurant of Dehkhoda Institute is a place to serve the guests of special gatherings. The closeness of this restaurant to Prof. Mahmoud Afshar Hall has provided a suitable place for holding various conferences where guests have been invited to have lunch or dinner. The restaurant's access to the institute garden has provided a special position for it.

The restaurant includes:

  • Reception hall with an area of ‌140 square meters with a capacity of 124 seats and 31 tables.

  • A well-equipped counter for taking orders and distributing food, with a standing refrigerator for storing soft drinks, salads, and desserts.

  • Kitchen with an area of ‌80 square meters, with enough facilities for cooking, equipped with two industrial refrigerators and freezers, industrial meat grinder, digital scales, two food storage cabinets, a bain - marie , fire extinguisher, etc.

  • Restaurant management office (2 rooms).

  • Warehouse (1 room).

  • Toilets.

  • Freezer with sub-zero temperature for storing protein materials.

  • Refrigerator for storing food.

* The restaurant regularly welcomes students and staff of the institute on a daily basis.

* Due to having three separate entrances, it is also possible to receive takeaway orders.


The buffet is a suitable space on the underground floor of the institute, which is connected to both the garden and the restaurant. This buffet is equipped with cabinets, counters, TV and sound systems, standing refrigerators and showcase, industrial electric samovars, and stoves. The buffet welcomes the students of Dehkhoda Institute with tea, coffee, cake, and cold food. Students can also use the garden space.