Electronic Systems


Persian Lexicon



 Dehkhoda Lexicon Web-based System

 This system is the only official reference for the online publication of Dehkhoda Lexicon, which allows users to search for more than 340,000 entries and meanings in this Lexicon. To use this service, go to the Lexicon search.



Dehkhoda Medium Lexicon Mobile Application (Android Version)
 Dehkhoda Medium Lexicon is a concise version of Dehkhoda Lexicon that has been published in two volumes in which historical and geographical information and encyclopedic explanations of words and their evidence have been omitted. Dehkhoda Medium Lexicon application is an Android software that allows you to use this Lexicon by searching, taking notes, etc. on mobile phones and tablets. A direct download link is available at Dehkhoda Medium Lexicon




Persian language teaching


 The Online Persian Alphabet Teaching System
 This system has been designed and prepared with the aim of expanding the Persian language and teaching the Persian alphabet to language learners who are interested in Persian. With this system, students can learn how to write and pronounce the alphabet online, as well as how to use it to make words, and review what they have learned in the form of Persian alphabet learning exercises. To access this service, refer to the Persian Alphabet Teaching System and use it for free after creating an account.




 Registration for Persian Language Courses
 Dehkhoda Institute offers various Persian language courses for learning Persian. Applicants can register for these courses in the online registration section.



 Foreign currency payment gateway
 Applicants for Dehkhoda Institute Persian language courses who have registered online to learn Persian can refer to the online payment section of the institute, which provides foreign exchange payment, to pay their registration fee.