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Fraud Warnings
Beware of fraud. Some websites and companies attempt to mislead customers, posing as providers of official Dehkhoda information in an attempt to extract payment from the Farsi learning applicants.
Applicants are encouraged to review the following information so that they know what to expect when to expect it, and from whom.
Complete your own application. The online Student Visa application and registration for Persian courses are easy and free. 
Register your name via the Online Registration System, at least three months before the Persian course starting date to receive your Educational Visa, your application will be submitted to the Admission Committee.

        Documents’ Sending Guideline

Required documents to receive student visa (should be filled out/uploaded):

  1. Registration Form (in English language only)
  2. Visa Request form (in English language only)                                                                                                                 Note: You are required to prepare the following documents to upload them in the final stage of your registration form:
  3. The data page and signature page of your passport (JPEG format – less than 100 KB, required width and height in pixels: less or equal: height 600 dpi, width 800 dpi)
  4. Your CV including your educational background, work experiences, extracurricular activities, e-mail address, address, phone number (in   English or Persian only) (JPEG format – less than 100 KB, required width and height in pixels: less or equal: height 600 dpi, width 800 dpi)
  5. Official translation of your high school or university graduation certificate in English or your proof of study in English, confirmed and stamped by the Iranian embassy (JPEG format – less than 100 KB, required width and height in pixels: less or equal: height 600 dpi, width 800 dpi)
  6. A photo ID required width and height in pixels: less or equal: height 600 dpi, width 400 dpi (JPEG format – less than 50 KB).

Very Important Notes about Dehkhoda Educational visa

  1. The online forms should be filled out, as the Admissions Committee will not take incomplete documents into consideration.
  2. Your four-digit registration ID should be emailed to Your registration ID number should be written in the subject line of your emails. Dehkhoda only receives applications by email. Do not mail paper documents or correspondence to the Dehkhoda Institute. All paper documents or correspondence received will be destroyed. 
  3. Once your application is accepted by the Admission Committee, the center will contact the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) who will then authorize the Iranian embassy in your country to grant you an Educational-Visa to study Persian in Iran. 
  4. After almost two weeks, your Student Visa will be sent to you via Dehkhoda email. You will have to wait for the MFA to announce their decision to the embassy of Iran in the country of your residence.
  5. You are strongly suggested to buy your ticket as soon as you receive your visa authorization number from Dehkhoda, and not before that.
  6. You are required to buy your ticket to Tehran-Iran for two or three days before the course starting date. 
  7. Then you will be required to announce your arrival date/time to Dehkhoda: for our colleague to reserve a place for you at the dormitory.
  8. Dehkhoda Student Visa holders are required to notify the Dehkhoda International Students Consular Affairs at their earliest convenience after arrival to Iran and hand out their passport and Student Visa to Consular Affairs Section; otherwise, they will be held responsible for any problems that happen to them about their visa.
  9. Dehkhoda Student Visa holders students will not be registered after two weeks of the course starting date.
  10. Your original passport is required on the first day of your registration.
  11. Make sure you have enough empty pages in your passport before applying for an Student Visa.
  12. Dehkhoda can only make an application to the MFA for your visa issuance and is not responsible for its delay. This CANNOT be hastened!
  13. The Dehkhoda telephone number is +98-21-22717120, ext.: 218 (8:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. Tehran local time) WhatsApp Number: +989392214380. The e-mail address is If you have any questions or need more clarifications, you can contact us 

Dehkhoda Student Visa Extension Procedure and Notes:

 After your arrival to Iran, you will be required to take the following steps to extend your Student Visa.

  1.  Room # 70: Take the visa form (your dormitory address will be checked here)
  2.  Fill out the form. Please provide as much information as possible.
  3.  Room # 63, 65 and 67: The form will be signed here.
  4.  Room # 69: You hand out the following documents here:

                 i. The visa form
                 ii. Your passport
                 iii. 2 ID-sized photographs. (3*4)
                iv. 330,000 Rials (for less than 30 days visa extension) 730,000 Rials (for more than 30 days visa extension), paid via POS machine or in Melli Bank.

  • The Student Visa is usually valid for 30 days, which will be extended upon your arrival by this center as long as you are studying Persian at Dehkhoda.
  • Dehkhoda Student Visa holders are required to hand out their passports to the Consular Affairs Section, at least 15 days before their Student Visa expiration date; otherwise, they will be charged penalties for each day that the Student Visa extension is delayed.
  • Persian learners wishing to continue their studies at the center beyond the initial term will benefit from the center’s services to extend their visas in case they register for the next Persian course and pay the tuition fee accordingly.
  • Persian learners who enter Iran with an Educational Visa are obliged to use one of the dormitories of the University of Tehran, Danesh Pazhuhan of Shahid Beheshti University. Otherwise, in case of using other places, their visas will not be extended.
  • Dehkhoda DOES NOT register those who have entered the country on a Tourist visa for on-campus courses (type B).
  • Dehkhoda registers those who have entered the country with a work permit or on an educational visa, political visa, family visa, and service visa.
  • Absenteeism: Student visas of those who have more than four unauthorised absences in five days a week courses and three unauthorized absences in three days a week courses will not be extended. If this happens, they will have to leave Iran.   
  • Traveling in Iran: Dehkhoda Student Visa holders intending to visit Iranian cities other than Tehran must receive official permission from Dehkhoda (room # 64) and inform the Students’ Affairs Section. They can travel to those cities during weekends, official holidays, or in between terms.

The course fee will not be refunded for students with Student Visa who have breached the above-mentioned rules and have to leave the country.

Mobile Registry

The Mobile Registry plan requires all mobile phones to be registered with Iran's telecommunications user database, which is connected to Iran’s mobile network for the first time. Read the following important information to learn how to register your cellphone in Iran on your arrival.

For a safe, secure, and easy cellphone connection, it is necessary to consider the following notice:

  • In order to facilitate the Global System for Mobile services and increase the subscriber’s satisfaction including you, the Islamic Republic of IRAN is going to prevent the illegal access of counterfeit and pirate devices to the GSMA operator networks. Therefore, only the allowed devices which meet the following terms can enter the GSMA operator network and make connections:
    • Non-Iranian SIM cards, inserted into any cellphone model.
    • Only Iranian SIM cards, inserted into legal cellphone models.

If you intend to use an Iranian SIM card on your mobile phone, please pay attention to the following:

  • If you stay in Iran for less than three weeks, you can use the GSMA service without any problems.
  • But if your stay in Iran is more than three weeks, to use the GSMA service, you need to pay your mobile phone tax at customs offices located at the airport and passenger terminals and register your mobile.
  • Please note that the tariffs and customs duties are determined by the Customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the basis of the mobile phone passenger value.

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