Students Administrative Services


Students Consular Affairs Section

Your registration procedure at Dehkhoda starts from room #69. You need to provide your passport and 4-digit ID number in this room. Our colleague will check your documents here and in case they are complete, you will receive a confirmation note.
The following services are offered in this section:

  1. The Student Visa issuance procedure starts here.
  2. Your residence documents are checked and confirmed for your registration.
  3. Student Visa is extended in this section.

Please read page 8 of Mr. Ekins’s student guide for more information.

Insurance and Dormitory Office

You are required to take the confirmation note you receive from room #69 to room #70 where you receive your accident insurance. In case you are a Dehkhoda Educational Visa Holder, you will also receive your introduction to one of the dormitories here. 
Direct number: +98-21-26852077
The following services are offered in this section:

  1. Introduction to one of the dormitories.
  2. Letter for extension of the dormitory accommodation.
  3. Receiving Accident Insurance.
  4. Extension of Accident Insurance.

Please read page 10 of Mr. Ekins’s student guide.

Registration Office for the Wi-Fi of the University of Tehran’s dormitory

Dehkhoda Educational Visa Holders who live in one of the dormitories of the University of Tehran are required to complete a form to use the Wi-Fi of the dormitory. The language learner must submit the authentication representative of Dehkhoda Institute on the 2nd floor, room #66, the required information including his/ her full name, contact number, e-mail, and the length of stay in the dormitory. 
Whenever the account is made, the language learner will be notified about his/her username and password via email and SMS. 
It is worth mentioning that if the old language learners want to extend their stay in the dormitory, they can renew their initial application by referring to the authentication representative of Dehkhoda Institute.

Registration Offices for Persian Courses

After receiving your accident insurance, you can go to one of the rooms 63, 64, or 67 to finalize your registration.
The following services are offered in these sections:

  1. Registration for online, on-campus, one-to-one, and group classes
  2. Paying tuition fees.
  3. Student ID card issuance.
  4. Level assessment test and certification test.
  5. Persian graduation certificate issuance.
  6. Various introduction letters such as for the bank, museum, libraries.
  7. Proof of study and payment.
  8. Letter for travel in Iran for Dehkhoda Student Visa holders.

Please read page 9 of Mr. Ekins’s student guide.