These are some of the questions we have been asked by our applicants.
Please do not hesitate to ask your question if you do not see it below by emailing: icps@ut.ac.ir or sending a voice/ text message to WhatsApp No.: +98-9392214380

1. Do I have to know some Farsi language to do my registration at your office?

The staff at the Dehkhoda Education Section know the English language; therefore, you will not have any problems if you know some English.

2. As a Dehkhoda Student Visa holder, what can I do to expedite my admission?

To expedite your admission and receiving your Student Visa, it is recommended that you upload your documents carefully and following the documents’ sending guidelines introduced in the application system.

3. As a Dehkhoda Student Visa holder, how will I know that I am accepted and can collect my Student Visa?

You will receive an email from Dehkhoda  with your Visa Authorization Number. After two working days of receiving the Visa Authorization Number, you will need to approach in person the Iranian Embassy / General Consulate in your country and collect your required visa.

4. As a Dehkhoda Student Visa holder, when should I book my ticket?

You should book your ticket as soon as you receive your Visa Authorization Number from the embassy.

5. As a Dehkhoda Student Visa holder, what should I do after I receive my Visa Authorization Number from Dehkhoda ?

You should go directly to the Iranian embassy in your country, receive your visa and buy your ticket to Iran-Tehran. Afterward, you are required to send an Email to icps.dormitory@ut.ac.ir to inform Dehkhoda of your EXACT arrival/departure dates to/from Iran so that we can reserve a place for you at a dormitory.

6. As a Dehkhoda Student Visa holder, what should I do on my arrival?

As Dehkhoda and dormitories working hours are from 08:00 to 14:30 on working days (from Sat. to Weds.), you are strongly suggested to arrange your arrival date/time so that you arrive in Iran from Saturday to Wednesday. You can come to Dehkhoda directly from IKA by taxi or subway.

7. As a Dehkhoda Student Visa holder, what should I do if I arrive on a holiday?

In case you arrive on Thursday, Friday, Iranian holidays, or later than 15:00 on working days, you will have to reserve a place in a hotel for the first days of your arrival and after that, you can move to the dormitory during a working day.

8. As a Dehkhoda Student Visa holder, who has some knowledge of Persian, how will you assess my level?

Enrollees who have some knowledge of the Persian language will be given a placement test on arrival to assess their language level, followed by an interview. They are then placed in a class that matches their language needs.

9. As a Dehkhoda Student Visa holder, can I work while I am in the Dehkhoda program?

With a student visa, you are not allowed to work under any conditions.

10. As a Dehkhoda Student Visa holder, when I have finished the course, I would like to stay longer to travel to Iran. What is your advice regarding my visa extension?

Your visa can be extended up to ten days after your final exam, if you arrived in Iran close to the course starting date. Otherwise, if, for example, you arrive in Iran five days before the course starting date, you can travel to cities other than Tehran on a student visa for five days after the final exam. In case you wish to stay for more than 10 days, you should leave the country and get a Tourist Visa and enter Iran again.

11. As a Dehkhoda Student Visa holder, I wish to re-apply at Dehkhoda . Do you need the same documents for the application as if I were a new  student?

Dehkhoda Student Visa holders, who have previously enrolled at Dehkhoda , left Iran, and wish to re-apply at Dehkhoda are only required to fill out the visa  application form http://dicps.ut.ac.ir/dehkhoda/register/visa.php at least two months before the course starting date and inform us via an email to icps@ut.ac.ir.

12. As a Dehkhoda Student Visa holder, how much should I pay for the course and dormitory in Dollars or Euros?

As Dollars and Euros values are changing, you need to check this website to calculate it for yourself. See tuition and accommodation for more  information on the fees.

13. I have received my Student Visa; however, I cannot make it to this term. Can I use the Student Visa for the next term?

Student Visas are only valid for three months; therefore, in case you wish to use the Visa Authorization Numbers for the next course, you are required to check it with the Iranian embassy in your country to see if your Student Visa is still valid for that course. In that case, you are suggested to receive your Student Visa as close as possible to the course attending date.

14. What is the age limit for studying Farsi at Dehkhoda?
There is no age limit for learning Farsi in this Center.

15. How many students are there in a class?

Between 10 to 15 students, in in-person classes and 5 to 9 students in online classes.

16. When are the Dehkhoda working days/ hours?
The Dehkhoda working days are from Saturday to Wednesday, between 07:30 to 14:30.

17. How can I open a bank account in Iran?

After completing the registration, you can receive a letter of introduction to Ayandeh Bank, Mahmoudieh Branch, from the second floor, room number 63, and take it to the bank along with your original passport, a personal photo and a mobile number registered under your name in Iran, to open your a bank account.

18. Is the bank account in Rials or Dollars?
You can open accounts both in Rials and dollars.

19. Does one apply to the Institute in tandem with a degree course at the University of Tehran, or can one attend without a degree course  at the UT?

 A Dehkhoda student does not have to be a student at the University of Tehran.

20. Do I have to finish the whole courses (from Elementary I to Advanced III) offered in Dehkhoda to receive a certificate?

  No, you don’t. A certificate can even be given to a Farsi learner who has passed only one level.

21. Do I have to finish the whole courses (from Elementary I to Advanced III) offered at Dehkhoda to receive a certificate that qualifies my  command of Farsi for entering the University of Tehran?

It depends on the decision made by the education department related to the major you choose. But normally, to study at the University of Tehran, you have to finish at least the Intermediate 3.

22. How can I find information on attending the University of Tehran or receiving scholarships?

To receive the required information on attending the University of Tehran or receiving scholarships, please contact the following email: int.admissions@ut.ac.ir

23. Can I pay the Dehkhoda tuition fees from abroad?

 t’s not possible for the time being. The issue of paying in foreign currency from abroad is being pursued.

24. Can I use my credit card in Iran?

 Credit cards are not acceptable in Iran.

25. My Farsi speaking skills are good, however, I cannot read. How can I take the courses?

It is suggested that you get acquainted with the alphabet of this language and the principles of reading and writing skills through the Online Persian Alphabet Teaching System. After that, you can take the level assessment test (written and oral) and enter a class which is appropriate to your Persian language level.

26. What kind of Farsi skills are worked on in classes?

  The four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing are fully worked on.

27. Does Dehkhoda offer any Online Persian Courses?

Yes, to participate in Online Persian Courses, you are only required to fill out the application form by sending your passport, photo ID, and CV  and emailing us the 4-digit ID number you receive after completing the application. If you have some knowledge of Farsi, one of our colleagues will contact you via Skype and give your level assessment test. It is worth mentioning that all our Farsi courses are offered via Skype for the time being.

Student’s Guide by Mr. John Ekins

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