Dehkhoda Treasury

Dehkhoda Treasury

Dehkhoda Museum

On 7th of Esfand, 1384 (March 7, 2005), coincided with the 50th anniversary of Professor Dehkhoda’s death, Dehkhoda Museum was inaugurated at the Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute in the presence of a large number of people interested in culture and literature as well as Dehkhoda’s admirers. The museum started its activity from the day of inauguration. This small but rare collection includes and represents part of Professor Dehkhoda's immense activities in various fields.

1. 2.5 million research notes, over 90 years old, half of which being in Dehkhoda’s own hand writing. They are a result of study and research on texts of Persian poetry and prose from different centuries and a base for compilation of Dehkhoda lexicon

2. Some printed books, manuscripts and lithographed books, on which Dehkhoda has written notes while doing research and extracting word entries, regarding words and expressions edition. In fact, they can considered as proofread books. Out of these books, you can refer to complete poems collection by Farrokhi, Manuchehri, Suzani, Masud Sad, Naser Khosro as well as Loghat Fors Asadi (dictionary).

3. Letters and documents related to Dehkhoda, including his own hand writings, such as personal letters to family members, National Consultative Assembly of that time, Dehkhoda’s autobiography and will in his own hand writing, as well as other people’s letters to him.

4. A collection of photos and works by Dehkhoda and his colleagues, part of which was in the institute and the rest have been donated by his nephew, Farhad Dehkhoda.

5. Samples of the compiled works, including the Dehkhoda Lexicon and their other works. The collection has been visited (freely) and welcomed by researchers, students and interested people and this is an opportunity for researchers, mass media people and film makers to utilize it as a cultural and literary center, and a field to make people familiar with Professor Dehkhoda and the center and its activities, as the oldest research center of the country.

Dehkhoda Texts Archives

Before the end of Dehkhoda Lexicon activity in 1358 (1979), based on his will regarding publishing of the great work without adding or subtracting even one single word entry, according to the approval of the Founders Board of the institute headed by Dr Seyyed Jafar Shahidi, a proposal for compiling of a new lexicon called Great Farsi Lexicon was approved, in which new words, entries and word meanings are going to be added and geographical and proper nouns deleted. Thus, during over 20 years, taking notes and preparing card files which were not among Dehkhoda’s note cards, based on the old prose and poetry texts was undertaken. Over 4 million note cards of Farsi lexicon in alphabetic order, with bigger dimensions compared to Dehkhoda’s ones, are maintained in the repository and are given to the compilers board to use. The Repository staff’s main duty is to systematize and integrate all word entries out of different texts in alphabetic order and based on lexicography rules.