The Persian Course for Diplomats

29 August 2019 | 18:47 Code : 9233 News Events

The International Center for Persian Studies at the Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute is offering Persian language courses specifically for diplomats, foreign embassy staff, and their families. Considering the fact that most embassy staff are engaged in their diplomatic duties at the embassy during the week days, they may not have the opportunity to learn Persian for their daily activities. As such, the International Center for Persian Studies of the University of Tehran at the Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute is planning to offer Persian classes specifically for diplomats, embassy staff, and their family members on Thursdays through Saturdays. To obtain more information on the specific classes for embassy staff, please call 22716833 - 22731473 ext. 219 , or visit the institute in person.

The Persian Course for Diplomats (11 weeks)
Days: Three days per week (Thursday, Friday & Saturday) 
Time: 15:00 - 18:00 




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