Agency of Dehkhoda Institute and ICPS Established in Japan

23 May 2020 | 10:57 Code : 11618 News and Events
Agency of Dehkhoda Institute and ICPS Established in Japan

To create a suitable ground for Persian language teaching and in connection with giving the agency of Dehkhoda Institute and International Center for Persian Studies, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the institute and Genza Corporation of Japan in May 2020. Dr Ali Darzi, the president of the institute said: In this memorandum of understanding. educational programs compilation, educational content provision, supervision on the tests and representation of Persian language professors are among the commitments of the institute and Genza Corporation in turn undertakes financial support and the provision of the necessary facilities in Japan. Another part of the memorandum of understanding focuses on the way of the Japanese language learners’ presence for Persian learning in Iran and Dehkhoda Institute.

It is worth mentioning that Dehkhoda Institute and ICPS of University of Tehran, in connection with University of Tehran’s presence in the international fields, provided a regulation approved by the Directing Board of UT in the year 1395 (2016). Based on the regulation, the institute can establish agencies abroad or give the agency to the educational and research organizations outside of the country with specific terms in order to develop the Persian language.

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