A book like Dehkhoda Lexicon is not the result of a lifetime; it is the result of many lives.

“Today, there is not one single moment on earth that no one refers to Dehkhoda Lexicon.”

Prof. Mohammad Reza Shafiei Kadkani

When Allameh Aliakbar Dehkhoda was taking notes on cigarette papers for a Lexicon, he probably never imagined that one day this Lexicon would be available to Persian-speaking and Persian-loving people all around the world.

Now, this lexicographic masterpiece, which has been accomplished by great people such as Allameh Aliakbar Dehkhoda, Mohammad Moin, Seyed Jafar Shahidi, Mohammad Dabirsiyaghi, Ahmad Bahmanyar, Jalal Homayi, Mohammad Parvin Gonabadi, etc., is available to everyone on the website of Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute and the International Center for Persian Studies.

In fact, today - albeit late - Dehkhoda's wish, which was to present the dictionary to the Iranian nation, is being fulfilled. Certainly, Dehkhoda’s soul is very happy that the next generations are able to make this work available to the people. Nothing can sweep away, or God forbidden, fail to remember this work, not the rain nor wind, earthquake nor flood.

What has been published so far of Dehkhoda Lexicon on various websites, is neither documented nor reliable, and has often been published for commercial and advertising purposes.

Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute hopes to continue to benefit from the opinions of visitors and researchers, and also hopes to be able to make more advanced features available to users in later stages.

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